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Owner – Principal Designer

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Terry Heard Designers has provided design services

to the private and public sectors throughout North

America, Europe, the UK and the Middle East since 1972.

Our experience embraces a full range of projects

including National and Theme pavilions at World Fairs, Museums, Interpretive Centres, Science Centres, Aquaria

and Wayfinding programs for International Airports

and Transit Systems.

To realize the full potential of these diverse projects,

we combine empathy for the context of a problem,

creativity in the generation of insights and solutions, 

and rationality to analyze and fit those solutions to

the context.

A process which requires the seamless collaboration

of many disciplines to deliver projects, while complex

in nature, provide our clients a successful project which communicates effectively with the visitor and ensures operational efficiencies in the long term.

We recently relocated our offices to Oakville, Ontario, placing us close to Pearson International Airport and

45 minutes from Toronto.

A picture is worth a thousand words,

please continue and enjoy the pictures.